Why does GroEngine exist?


Linking the fundamentals of problem solving, business process improvement

and brain science for the purposeful enhancement of employee well-being is

what is required to make an organization the best it can be across all KPIs. 


Business improvement of any kind is ultimately simple:


The improvement of cash flow, profit, growth and employee well-being is

proportional to an organization's ability to identify and solve problems.


Working from this premise, GroEngine was purpose built to be a complete problem solving system based on physics, Lean SixSigma best practices, and modern brain science that enables any organization or part of an organization to identify and solve all problems impacting performance as rapidly as possible. This applies equally to both mechanistic business process improvement and the improvement of human issues related to interpersonal conflicts, resistance, creatvity and morale.

GroEngine is designed so that as any part of an organization solves a problem, the entire organization can see and use that new information to solve the next problem or challenge, thus accelerating improvement.

We want to make this simple, innovative, systems-based thinking and creative problem solving methodology available to small and mid-size businesses, schools to support STEM programs, as well as social 

philanthropy related non-profits.

Why does this matter for your business?

Every dollar lost in a business is due to one or more as yet unsolved problems.

The typical business process is between 2-5% value-added.  That's indicative of a lot of loss in on-going operations that is often hidden at the P&L level.


Additionally, every dollar of potential incremental revenue and growth must come from solving one or more problems (an unmet product or service need, under-served customer, a meta-error, etc.).  

Can everyone in your organization solve problems effectively?

Problem solving is creativity and invention and innovation and the primary

activity of the human brain.

Every meeting and discussion is an attempt to solve some problem indirectly or directly tied to reducing a loss or improving revenue.  Take a moment to quantify the time spent discussing problems but not solving them.  Is it significant in your organization?

Solving complex problems, those with perhaps many inputs and with unknown interactions, is an activity that very few people can do at the highest level.  But it's not because most are incapable.  It's because they haven't been taught the simple process to find and fix most every problem.  

Imagine the boost to performance when every member of your organization becomes a master problem solver, solves problems every day, and is able to connect their solutions with everyone else's?

How do you know that your business is in its best position to grow?

We have observed that the science of culture change has eluded many management teams.  It is simple to understand how this could be- very few managers and executives have studied brain science, and fewer still have linked brain science to business process improvement, yielding poorer than necessary performance.  

Functionally, a business is simply a system of processes around which

people work.

We created the GroEngine approach and specialized tools specifically to help your organization define and improve it's processes and uncover its hidden growth engine (a problem solving engine).  Its a simple system that makes both profitability and employee well-being clear and achievable in any business, in any industry, with any level of management experience, current capability and culture.  

Not seeing business as this simple system opens the door to relying on all sorts of popular opinions, philosophies, management styles and non-integrated functional improvements which may or may not be effective long-term.

How did GroEngine come to be?

It is often interesting to hear how a new idea or approach pops forth.  Here is some background that may address that curiosity.

After years as executives, entrpreneurs and behavioral counselors leading and facilitating business transformation, problem solving and strategy sessions around the world across almost every business function, it became clear that all the seemingly disparate business challenges, whether they be implementing Lean improvements in the manufacturing environment or front-office; re-thinking commercial and customer strategy; implementing Lean Product Development improvements; designing new, highly technical products; or systematically attracting and retaining employees;  were all resolved the same way eventually- by clearly defining the problem and the human/process interface.  Exactly how to do this consistently became clear over time and tens of thousands of hours of in-situ study.

To add feeling to the facts, almost every managment and executive meeting was spent sifting unstructured data to find a problem, figuring out which problem was most important to focus on, deciding how to solve a problem, figuring out which party was to blame for creating the problem, which party was to blame for not solving a problem, or communicating last month's results (which were rarely all positive). These activities often did not yield a solution or sustainable improvement, and meetings are rife with social dynamics that obstruct problem solving.  


We began to question how to fix all of this waste simultaneously...


Imagine if all the problems in a business or organization were clear and prioritized, continuously...


Imagine if the method for solving the problems was clear, simple, and everyone in the organziation understood how to clarify and approach any challenge...


Imagine if we understood what science now shows us, that mistakes are a necessary precedent for invention and evolution and are generally outside of the control of concious thought...


Imagine if highly complex problems that have taken months or years to solve could be solved in just a few days or hours...


Imagine all the healthy ways our organizations would run differently with less waste and cost...


Imagine if this approach were available to organizations of any size...


Imagine if the approach could be implemented globally within months...


Imagine if the entire system could be taught in just 12 days...


Imagine if the system were based on physics and not fads...


Imagine if the system were autonomously self-replicating and self-improving...



What we were imagining was the method for turning a business into a revitalized, balanced growth engine in the shortest amount of time.  We imagined GroEngine.













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