We compile ideas here for you to consider as you put together your transformation strategy.  These represent solution trends, best-practices and some thought-provoking concepts to stimulate creativity.

We've all heard the phrase.  Many people have even been fired over it or the apparent lack of it. But what does it mean, exactly, to have a 'sense of urgency'?

First, 'sensing' in this idiom means there are specific 'things' that need to be observed: signals,...

Forecast accuracy is a hot topic in many Sales and Operations reviews.  Operations can't understand how forecasts can always be so far off, and Sales can't understand why Operations keeps so much excess inventory on-hand (to reduce the possibility of missing orders).


Innovation is the invention and commercialization of something of value.  It follows then, that to innovate better or more frequently an organization needs to develop processes and expertise implementing each of the three factors of innovation: invention; commercializa...

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September 2, 2016

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