We compile ideas here for you to consider as you put together your transformation strategy.  These represent solution trends, best-practices and some thought-provoking concepts to stimulate creativity.

The human mind appears more and more to be an emergent property of the complex system of interactions of our brain, body and interpersonal relationships.  Our organizations are just processes around which our minds and bodies and relationships interact. Under...

Accountability is a word often thrown around as a solution to sluggish performance.  I've heard more than one executive pound the table and exclaim that, "We need to hold people accountable." What does that mean, really?  How does increasing accountability actually cha...

As one undertakes any organizational transformation from one performance state to the next, communication problems arise.  They arise because there will never be enough time and resource to communicate the vision, strategy, plans and all the changes in sufficient detai...

There is no denying that many social hierarchies exist, and that a few individuals are in the highest positions in those systems.  But are they leaders?  By mechanical definition, yes.  They give the orders.  The orders are followed by others.  Is leadership anything m...

Prior to deep Lean transformations, one can often hear an Operations Director, Plant Manager or CFO offer the guidance, "We must reduce inventory."  Anyone can reduce inventory- simply throw it out.  Done.  But it's not that easy: we couldn't ship orders if we threw ou...

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September 2, 2016

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