Innovate on Purpose


We've created a breakthrough lean innovation process that guides your organization through the continual discovery of market and customer needs, assessment of the value of new products, and then through the Lean Product Development and Commercialization of the new product, process or service.


This process is built around the physics of causality, brain science and divergent design thinking. Combining these best-practices means your teams can invent better solutions (with less risk) faster than the reliance on simple brainstorming and traditional stage-gate methods.


The process gets more robust and your teams get faster at it as time goes on.


We cover this breakthrough process in detail in Solution Module 8 - Innovate on Purpose.  As a brief introduction, we will walk your team through the following steps:


1) Discovery - This step pulls data from internal quality and process trends, market and competitive trends, as well as intellectual property and technology trends.  Using a unique tool, we help you identify fundamental problems that may be hidden or non-obvious and clearly and succinctly define those problems to focus solutions.


2) Connection - We guide your team through various highly interactive tools to build creative solutions to the problems.


3) Combination - We help your team combine ideas and develop design sets that flow into your new product innovation process that have a clear causal linkage to the problem being solved.


4) Commercialization - We help you determine if there are unique opportunties in your commercialization strategy that can accelerate customer acceptance of your solution. Your team will define its go to market strategy and plan during this step.



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