Our Cause


Advance science and art mindfully, and reduce human suffering where possible.  


After years spent improving top and bottom-line results for leading, multi-national corporations, it became clear that the speed with which one could lead the change of process and performance and ultimately the size of the impact was proportional to the mindfulness of the leaders and the resultant health and morale of the culture.  There seems to be a direct correlation between level of mindfulness and sustained business performance.


We added to this universal observation the understanding that most of the activity and effort within an organization is wasted, with the starting point prior to transformation for most organizations at 2-5% efficiency.  It follows then, that there is an abundance of uncoordinated human potential and creativity hidden within almost every organization.


Further, we realized that improving the human condition and the lives of future generations grew more important to us than just the short dopamine burst we receive seeing the number on a bank statement or P&L move up after a considerable improvement effort, even if it does move up significantly, and even if it is always rewarding to succeed.  


And we realized that most people spend the majority of their waking lives at work.  


Combining these four observations, we set out to systematically access the untapped abundance of creativty and problem solving sitting hidden on almost every payroll to improve first the well-being of employees and then the world at large.  


As we train your organization on the science and principles to break performance records and intentionally create the best work environment humanly possible, we will be converting some of that reclaimed loss into helping causes that effect almost every family in some way, and ours in very direct ways. 


For personal motivation: We have family members that are impacted by neurological injury, disease or impairment.  The health of our brain, body and mind impacts the quality of our lives, some more adversely than others.  All conflict and interpersonal suffering on earth is begun with thought emanating from a brain.  Our collective brains and mind are literally everything.  So, our very personal goal is to increase the amount the GroEngine organization gives to brain and spinal cord research and therapies each year to understand how to improve both brain and mind health for future generations.  As we help you solve your performance challenges, you will be helping humanity solve some of its larger challenges.


We hope you join us on this journey.  


The GroEngine team.



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