How does this work?


Step 1: Simply select the solutions from our Solution Modules tab that you are most interested in for your organization.


Step 2: Fill out the contact information and we will get in touch with you in the manner you choose about the modules selected, answer any questions you may have, and schedule the site visit if you are ready.  Simple.


**The GroEngine modular learning structure is useful for focused short-term improvement engagements, long-term partnerships, and focused interim leadership while you search for your next manager or executive. The modules are integrative and cover most elements needed to drive complete business transformation.





Q1:  Should I assign an internal resource to champion the roll-out internally?


Yes. We highly recommend you choose one or more internal facilitators who will become your internal subject matter expert(s) to guide future implementation and training. If not now, you can make this selection up to the day of training. We can guide you in selecting the right candidate if you would like.  


Q2: What is the content format?


The content is presented in both video and slide format to make future sharing and facilitation within your organization possible and controllable internally, without the need for us to be on-site beyond the first session if you have internal facilitators or owners.


Q3:  How long does it take to teach each module?


Each module takes approximately one day (6-8 hrs) to cover with up to 12 attendees.  Working through actual examples and projects within your business will add additional days, depending on your needs.  We are flexible.  


Q4:  If I purchase all the content, how long will it take to teach it all?


In most cases the training of your core team on all modules can be covered in 12 days, and these 12 days can be spread over as many weeks or months as you choose.   


Q5:  Are there any license or maintenance fees?


No.  You will own the content after the training session and can share it within your organization perpetually without license.  This gives your organization the autonomy to make it fit without impediment or additional cost.  


You can choose how many times you would like to have us back to help. You will already own the content, so it's just our daily on-site rate that applies to future implementation and improvement sessions.  You can throttle this at your discretion.


Q6:  Will this content work to improve just one process, or do I need to commit the entire organization to it all at once?


This content works as well to transform a single process as it does an entire department, function or global operation.  Once you know it, and have a few trained experts in-house, you can roll it out at a pace that matches your needs, or, you can jump in with all functions immediately -the cost to your business is the same.  If new to process transformation, we often suggest to take a single department, process or manufacturing line through the process to create a success model within your organization.


Q7:  Why do your fees seem to be many times less expensive than many other business improvement consultants?


That's correct- our costs are intentionally low.  Since the work is done at your business, we do not need to carry high overhead, or bricks and mortar- our transformation experts are independent contractors who work from their own offices.  There is an abundance of expertise across all the subjects required for total, sustainable transformation.  Our business model leverages this with a unified structure and content while keeping your costs low.


Our ultimate goal is to make this information accessable to as many people as possible, to help improve as many organizations as we can and the well-being of as many others as we can.  (If you find a lower cost for any module, let us know, we'll do our best to match it.)









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