Year over year cost savings is too low.


Inventory levels are too high.



Cash Conversion Cycle has not improved sufficiently


New Product Sales are too low.


New Product Development cycles are too long.


Quality levels are too low.


Only a few people are trusted to solve the most complex problems.


Customer Service levels are too low.


Safety levels are not perfect.



Customer relationships are not strong.




Customer and Market penetration is too low.


Morale is too low.



Attracting, developing and retaining talent is inadequate.


Employee turnover is too high.


Capital efficiency is too low and projects are always late and over-budget.


R&D does not seem to return enough value.





How it's Solved


Find all losses, prioritize and eliminate or reduce.


Systematically accelerate the movement of parts through your business.


Focus on increasing the speed of inventory turns



Find value gaps, design purposefully for them...quickly.


Shorten the cycle using lean techniques.



You have to find and eliminate all errors in the process.


Use your problem solving tools, linked to your structured knowledge warehouses.


Reduce your cycle times with Lean tools.


Use the same problem solving process and tools to quickly improve safety.


Map the customer experience and use your problem solving system to remove the errors and become the easiest to work with.


Determine value gaps and invent solutions in product and service.


Learn how the brain works and use that knowledge to create the optimal work environment possible.


Understand brain science and network theory, and then combine this with our problem solving process and build the most attractive, continuously improving platform for attraction and retention.


Adapt lean techniques to your Project Management process to increase project speed and identify risks early and reduce them.


First, change the way you measure R&D ROI and then implement Lean Product Development and First Principles Innovation techniques to generate more innovation faster.
















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